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With a dozen of e-commerce platforms and 10-fold as many products, there ain’t ‘no can do’ in this team. From Supply to IT we cover the whole sales funnel and reach thousands of customers in the US and Europe.

Be it a new trendy gadget or a ‘must have’ beauty product, we waste no time and with our own hands build all it takes to grab our share of the market. With our growing appetite, we also need more and more hands on board, always hiring so have a look, who knows.

Grow With Us

For the past 5 years we’ve been growing and changing with the market. From social media and content marketing we grew into e-commerce with time expanding into managing even our own supplies and customer support.

Now, with 10+ great people on board we are quite powerful yet flexible enough to change as we go. We each get to wear multiple hats, so so no day is like a previous one when it comes to WhaMedia and we love it!

We. Who Make

WhaMedia Happen
Full-Stack Web Developer
Head of Customer Support
Back-End Web Developer
Supply Chain Manager
Front-End Web Developer
Marketing Manager
Graphic Designer

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